At TCMS we want to offer students the opportunity to experience clubs that are academic in nature, but are also fun and promote interaction among students.  Homerooms are mixed and clubs will rotate on a 9-weeks basis, allowing students to experience each club throughout the year.


    Foreign Language: The Foreign Language Club’s goal is to encourage the use of foreign languages and to learn about other cultures.


    4-H: Service club affiliated with the Georgia Cooperative Extention Service. In 4-H, youth learn life skills they will benefit from forever. Most 4-H programs center around three areas: Leadership; Citiizenship; and Life skills.


    Science/STEM: A STEM Club is any out-of-timetable session that gives school students the chance to explore aspects of science, technology; engineering; and maths.


    STEM Clubs tend not to be curriculum based, but can focus on specific disciplines or go across STEM subjects. A STEM Club could be about computer coding, math puzzles, robotics, engineering, chemistry, astronomy.....anything that falls within STEM subjects.


    ARTS & CRAFTS: Are you creative? Do you like to use your imagination to create new things? If so, the Arts & Crafts Club is perfect for you! This club provides opportunities for you to use your creativity and talents to construct arts and craft projects while making new friends who share the same interests as you.